I got this story from one of my friends while we were attending a youth camp and got the chance to stay late at the last night of the camp…..
This incident happened at one of the most popular University in Mindanao…..
It was exactly 10 pm when one of the nursing students went to the C.R at the third floor. When she arrived at the C.R the first thing she did was comb her hair, applied some face powder and lipstick. And while she was combing her hair she heard the door opened and when she looked into the mirror to observe she noticed a girl at her back just 5 inch away from her but she couldn’t see her face because her reflection was covering hers. So she moves aside to see the other girl’s reflection. When she saw the face of the girl she was quite startled by her pale complexion and her dull expression. Then she continued to comb her hair but when she looked at the mirror again the girls face had transformed into a horrifying feature. The girls long black hair was covering her face her eyes were all black with a certain red line at the center of her eyes draw vertically. And blood was dripping from her head and mouth while she was grimly smiling at her. The girl was completely stunned by her horrid feature. The first thing she could do was closed her eyes and then after a moment she started praying. But when she opened her eyes the girl was still their and her face was even scarier. The girl smiled at her grimly and the worst part is that the girl at her back had repeated what she said but was faster and her voice contained an essence of mockery and anger. She closed her eyes again and prayed again and again. While she was praying she started to feel like the girl was right next to her and she could feel the cold breath of the girl at her neck sending chills to her spine and her body started to feel so cold. When she opened her eyes again she saw the girl standing right next to her repeating everything and when she finally stopped she smiled at her mockingly. So she ran towards the door as fast as she could while her eyes were closed. And since that day on she never went back to that C.R again.
They say she wasn’t the first one to experience that. There were other girls in the past who have also experienced that. They say that the girl she saw in the C.R was always their during 10 in the evening but no one really knows her and what had happed to her in the past.
Hey guys what do you think of the story? Is it scary or not? You can leave your comments about it….and if some of you want to share your scary and horrifying experience you could send it to my email address its It would be an honor for me to post it with your name and share it with others. But if you don’t want others to know your real name you could give me your code name. Thanks GOD BLESS!!!! And if you ask me about the story damn I had to sleep while the lights are on and I have to cover my mirror….hehehehe sounds stupid right but I got really scared.

When I was a kid the things that mostly piqued my interest are the things which involves ghost hunting and talking to spirits. And I really love to watch horror movies but because of this interest my imagination would run wild when I get to be alone in our house or even at night when all the lights are out. So until today I have to sleep while the lights are on so I could see the whole room it sounds funny but it’s true.

One of the most interesting things that ghost hunters do is talking to spirits and I really wish I could do that. When I was fooling around at the internet café visiting websites and leaving stupid comments I have read and article about the device called “Ouija Board”. It’s a device that is used to talk to spirit so as the article says and I was really happy that I have read that article. And so I have decided to make one and invite some friends for a night of spook at my house but unfortunately no one came because their parents wouldn’t allow them at that time. The next morning after class I went to the internet café and conducted a research about the device but instead I was being lead into a website full of testimonies and confessions about their experience when they were using the “Ouija Board”. And boy did this article I stumbled on scared the hell out of me.

It was exactly 12 midnight when two girls named Lisa and Donna started fooling around with the Ouija Board. They started to chant and muttered some prayers to call on some spirit. They called out for almost two hours but no spirit showed up so they thought that I was a fraud that the device doesn’t really work. Little did they know that one stayed with them but never showed himself. After 3 days the two girls had a big fight. Lisa the youngest stayed in her room that day crying and while she was crying she felt a hand touched her cheeks gently. When she opened her eyes she saw a handsome boy smiling at her. She stood up abruptly and demanded for some explanation. For a moment the boy just kept on smiling then afterwards he told her that he was a ghost and that he came here when he heard her calling. His name was Jack, at first Lisa was a bit shock but after a while she had accepted the fact that the one who comforted her was a ghost. Since that day on Lisa and Jack became good friends and the worst part is the started to like each other better. They were always together wherever Lisa goes Jack was always there but fortunately Lisa was the only one who can see him so she doesn’t have to worry about friends freaking out. One day jack told Lisa that he want her to come with him in their world but Lisa wouldn’t agree and because of that Jack got angry. The next thing he did was possessed Lisa and tried to kill her so she could come with him fortunately Donna came and prevented it. But the scary part was that Jack refuses to leave Lisa’s body. So they asked for help to a spiritual medium. The medium performed a deliverance on Jack’s spirit. Finally when all was well again the medium told them that Jack doesn’t exist in this world anymore. So when they had arrived home the girls immediately dumped the Ouija Board but when they entered the house they had a strange feeling that someone is watching them secretly. but the big question is who could it be?

When I was a child I had a habit of waking up at exactly 3 am in the morning. I don’t know why but it seems like my my body is like an alarm clock set to function at that time and it’s funny because there’s no possible or valid reason for me to wake up at that time. But there was something weird though I felt like I was being watched, as if there was someone or something hiding among the dark corners of our house. But being a scardy-cat I always reject that thought to avoid being scared to death specially that I would be left alone sleeping in the floor or room because my lola sleeps beside my younger sister. That habit of mine is one thing that never change until now I still do it. It was March 11 of 2008 when I found out the most stupid and unbelievable reason that had change my life.

I was waiting in my bed waiting for myself to fall into deep slumber. Minutes later I was asleep. I was sleeping soundly enjoying the tour in my dream land when I hear a loud, obnoxious knocking that woke me up and I was irritated because it came from our neighbor. I glanced at my clock and it was 3 am in the morning again. I forgot to closed the third window so I planned to closed it before I go back to sleep but when I looked at the window I saw a girl in a white dress. She was like peeking at the people inside, as if peeking at me. She looked very scary. She has a pale skin and a disarranged hair. I got so scared that my body wasn’t able to move. I prayed intently but when I looked again she was still there I prayed again but I couldn’t bring myself to look at the window I was so scared that I couldn’t concentrate on what to do. So I hid under my blanket trying to fell asleep. But it was 5 in the morning when I returned to deep slumber. Since that day on I never forget to close my window before going to bed. Even though its hot at night I would just endure it rather that opening my windows.
It sounds stupid and unbelievable but its true. I did saw it whether you believe it or not.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."
  --  Ambrose Redmoon 

I first saw this quote from the movie princess diaries. It is very nice and helpful indeed. what about you? What do you think?


 the last part of the guidelines your almost finished. So get yourself ready for the final stage.
 In the morning after you fix your bed and brush your teeth.
Go directly to the kitchen and have a nice glass of juice. But if you bought a wine try to have a coffee instead or milk.
And there you have it. You have a nice morning and Valentine’s Day just passed by without you noticing or even worrying about it. So then until next time bye!
If you have comments, suggestions or violent reactions (I hope not) then feel free to post a comment ^_^ thank you for reading this article I hope it helped you (Whoever you are)

2.) PRAY

Now if you want take a nice warm or cold bubble bath to release and cleanse your body from stress and dirt.
Are you ready to sleep? (Whatever your religion is) try to pray and give thanks for the blessings and for everything that you can think of that you think you should thank him for. (HIM refers to every higher power of any religion of whoever is following this guidelines)
After that try to lie down and relax think of nothing just relax . . . and then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZz

this three words will be your guide to a very fulfilling Valentine’s Day celebration.

1.) EAT

If you are with your family then why not take them to a date. Go to a restaurant, watch movies or visit the nearest amusement park. In this way you will not be alone and won’t feel alone if you are sincerely trying to spend the night with them.

But if you are alone then at this point you are safe to go outside since your calm. Find the nearest grocery or convenient store. On your way there please do not pay attention to passersby’s if you don’t want to end up crying alongside the street or going home empty handed and depressed. Now what I want you to do is buy lots of food but keep it healthy though if you don’t want to end up being fat. In your items include your dinner a piece or two chocolates (of course choose your favorite one) and a bottle of wine with a 4.5% alcohol content or juices of any kind if you don’t drink.
If you want try to rent some CD’s or buy some.
When you get home eat your dinner first to fill your tummy. Then have a glass of juice or wine (we’re saving the chocolate for later)

Now why don’t you sit down in your sofa and watch a movie or a funny T.V program. (Bring your chocolates with you) Now while watching try to eat some chocolate (It induces happy feelings) but don’t munch the whole thing yet. Try to savor the feeeeeeeeling, let it meeeeelt in your tongue. ^_^