Hi! My name is Jannicar and I’m 18 yrs old. I am currently living in my aunt’s house in Carmen, CDOC. I am currently taking up the course BSHRIM (for those who are not familiar with it I’ll tell you later) at Liceo de Cagayan University or LDCU. Okay enough introduction let’s get down to business.

Well I’m a girl but not the type who cleans excessively or put my things in proper order. My room is usually messy and full of different stuff mostly books, art materials and Cd’s. I have a roommate her name is (well let’s not state her name even if I hate her). She is a helper (you know what I mean.) in my aunt’s house.  At first I thought she could be a good friend and she seems nice too. (That’s why you should all be careful because not all seem to be nice people are true) And so I’d figure it would be okay to be close friends with her. (Not that I don’t do that with our maids or helpers way back home)

Personally speaking I don’t really like being an OC (there it is again) maybe because OC people worries a lot even with the smallest detail. (Which is in my part sometimes is very insignificant) They tend to freak out like my big sister. (Yes ate I’m talking about you! ^_^) But lately I was getting an eerie feeling that something was not right. I couldn’t quite figure it out but I can feel it (i know weird right? but I'll explain later that means I own you two explanation).

One morning after I took my bath when I was about to get dressed I saw something under the small wooden closet in our room. (It hit me like a baseball bat in the face) there it was the answers to my question and the stimuli that awakened the OC side of me. She was I don’t know when was using my panties and didn’t even consider the thought of washing it. (I know what the hell right?) I didn’t confront her at first because I understand. I was keeping tabs of her activities inside our room then I saw it.  She already used 12 of my panties and all of it was dumped in her bag and smelled like (Just try to imagine it.) I wanted to slap her face so hard her teeth and gums will bleed. And it didn’t end there she still does it fortunately I get to scold her every time I caught her using my panties again and again and again.

That’s why I keep checking my things from now and then usually three times a day and it’s all because of her. I freak out when something is missing and I feeling like I’m going to burst in anger just thinking where it is and who took it. Now I’m like my sister. ( I am officially an OC person.)


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