The candle was lit, everything was prepared and the venue was set. It was exactly 7 pm of February 4, 2011 when we first celebrated the 1 yr. Anniversary of Light house Xavier heights chapter. I was very happy and glad to be able to come after a long time of absences. (I was busy of course)

 On our way there the rain was pouring so hard that the streets we’re blurry. It was very hard to see the street especially when the old age has taken its toll on the person driving the car. But our almost accident (take note ALMOST) was a sign that we we’re being protected by the higher power (THANK YOU! LORD) so we arrived at our destination safely.

 When celebration was at its peak I met this three newbers (means new members) all boys. And one of the boys was obnoxious and at the same time thinks he’s handsome enough that he has the right to call me any name he wants. (Gosh! I almost shove the ice cream into his face but I didn’t it was only in my head.)
At first he thinks my name is JOY but then after that he change his mind and started calling me Kristina (I know WTH right?) But I refuse to tell him my name and simply said that it’s neither JOY nor Kristina. So he decided to call me Kristina Joy (what a total douche bag and so dense). That’s why people keep calling me Kristina Joy and even in Facebook it haunts me like a ghost. So I dread the thought of seeing him in church. (It makes my blood curdle I’d like to hit his face just one time.) I don't hate all boys just this one so please forgive me for the photo ^_^.


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