Have you hear of the name Annaliese Michel? Or the term Schizophrenia? Are you a fan of the supernatural realm? If you’re not then never mind reading this but if you are then I think you might have to stay for a minute or two.

After a long exhausting research about mental disorders in my favorite search engine ( I stumbled upon an article about a girl named Annaliese Michel. Now Annaliese Michel was a devoted catholic girl who lives in Bavaria, Germany. Now according to the article she was diagnosed with CATATONIC SCHIZOPHRENIA. (If you’re not familiar I’ll explain later) Now she was very unresponsive to the clinical treatment and psychotherapy given to her. So the psychiatrist referred her family to the catholic ministry to perform an EXORCISM. (curious again? I’ll give the details some other time. Okay?) However she died because of dehydration and severe malnutrition. According to them (the persons who performed the exorcism) that she was possessed by seven demons. (I don’t exactly remember their names)

After reading this I paused for a while and asked myself is it really possible that mental disorders are misdiagnosis? How many unresponsive treated patients are there admitted in the psychiatric ward? Then there’s the possibility that the refusal of the psychiatric community to the rite of exorcism is a major factor to these patients continuously dangerous states. Is there no hope for them? What about you? What do you think?


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