this three words will be your guide to a very fulfilling Valentine’s Day celebration.

1.) EAT

If you are with your family then why not take them to a date. Go to a restaurant, watch movies or visit the nearest amusement park. In this way you will not be alone and won’t feel alone if you are sincerely trying to spend the night with them.

But if you are alone then at this point you are safe to go outside since your calm. Find the nearest grocery or convenient store. On your way there please do not pay attention to passersby’s if you don’t want to end up crying alongside the street or going home empty handed and depressed. Now what I want you to do is buy lots of food but keep it healthy though if you don’t want to end up being fat. In your items include your dinner a piece or two chocolates (of course choose your favorite one) and a bottle of wine with a 4.5% alcohol content or juices of any kind if you don’t drink.
If you want try to rent some CD’s or buy some.
When you get home eat your dinner first to fill your tummy. Then have a glass of juice or wine (we’re saving the chocolate for later)

Now why don’t you sit down in your sofa and watch a movie or a funny T.V program. (Bring your chocolates with you) Now while watching try to eat some chocolate (It induces happy feelings) but don’t munch the whole thing yet. Try to savor the feeeeeeeeling, let it meeeeelt in your tongue. ^_^


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