These simple guidelines will help you but remember believing that this will really help you is the key to its effectiveness. So! Rea you ready? Then let us begin.

1.)   1.)  Before we go to the major stuffs I want you to relax. Go somewhere in your house where you feel comfortable staying at. Don’t and I said don’t go outside it will not in any way help you because you would only get depressed seeing every person who walks in the pavement is with someone. (Now inhale then exhale, again inhale then exhale. Do this for about 20 seconds)

·         At this point you are now in the state of calmness your body is not rigid anymore and your stress level has gone down.

2.)   2.)  Now I want you to think what makes you happy the most? (but with the absence of a lover or a special someone) It could be a family gathering or the smile of your niece or the hug of your mom and dad. It could be anything so as long as it doesn’t involve any love affair. (And don’t think that there isn’t okay? Cause I know there is at some point in your life.) I want you to keep that thought, the feeling it gives you. ( does it make you happy? Do you feel more relaxed?). . . Please continue to part 2 ^_^ for the completion of the guidelines thank you very much!


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