Ahh! The glory of LOVE and ROMANCE is strongly in the air once again. A sure sign that February 14 is coming. One of the most anticipated time of the year for those couple’s in-LOVE.  Roses everywhere, people busy buying gifts, Candle light dinners, and moonlit walk in the shore or a trip to Hawaii perhaps? These are the things common in the month of L-O-V-E.

But wait! I hear something. (Exaggerating) Ahh! The cries of the poor unfortunate souls alone in their bedroom, windows shut and eyes closed.  Why? (As if we don’t know) Well the answer is pretty obvious they have yet to find their special someone who can celebrate with them this Valentine’s Day. But! No worries, no worries I have perfect solution for that. (Whoever you are) so stay tune to  this page for some helpful tips to spend Valentine's Day without a lover.


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