Walt Disney embarks on another journey full of adventure and magic hair? Yes! You’ve read it right MAGIC HAIR indeed.

Disney’s new movie entitled TANGLED is an action pack adventure where Rapunzel (the main protagonist voiced by Mandy Moore) meets Robinhood (in this case Eugene a.k.a Flynn Rider) who is a notorious thief. (But not totally like Robinhood since he steals for himself only) The movie is an upgraded version of a famous bedtime story Rapunzel. This is a must seen movie full of golden magical hair, a vain old hag, a clan of thieves who have dreams (^_^), a chameleon who gives funny expressions and a horse who can fight? Not enough for you? Then what are you waiting for go grab your tickets now! Or you could always buy a CD (It doesn’t matter if it’s original or pirated as long as it has a good view.) then you can watch at the comforts of your own home with a big bowl of pop corn and a soda for the whole family.


  1. This is such a cute series. I ran through the entire thing and am not just stopping to post a comment. It is too cute! Happy Valentine's day!

  1. Thank you miss Judy ^_^ Happy Valentine's day too.

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