I got this story from one of my friends while we were attending a youth camp and got the chance to stay late at the last night of the camp…..
This incident happened at one of the most popular University in Mindanao…..
It was exactly 10 pm when one of the nursing students went to the C.R at the third floor. When she arrived at the C.R the first thing she did was comb her hair, applied some face powder and lipstick. And while she was combing her hair she heard the door opened and when she looked into the mirror to observe she noticed a girl at her back just 5 inch away from her but she couldn’t see her face because her reflection was covering hers. So she moves aside to see the other girl’s reflection. When she saw the face of the girl she was quite startled by her pale complexion and her dull expression. Then she continued to comb her hair but when she looked at the mirror again the girls face had transformed into a horrifying feature. The girls long black hair was covering her face her eyes were all black with a certain red line at the center of her eyes draw vertically. And blood was dripping from her head and mouth while she was grimly smiling at her. The girl was completely stunned by her horrid feature. The first thing she could do was closed her eyes and then after a moment she started praying. But when she opened her eyes the girl was still their and her face was even scarier. The girl smiled at her grimly and the worst part is that the girl at her back had repeated what she said but was faster and her voice contained an essence of mockery and anger. She closed her eyes again and prayed again and again. While she was praying she started to feel like the girl was right next to her and she could feel the cold breath of the girl at her neck sending chills to her spine and her body started to feel so cold. When she opened her eyes again she saw the girl standing right next to her repeating everything and when she finally stopped she smiled at her mockingly. So she ran towards the door as fast as she could while her eyes were closed. And since that day on she never went back to that C.R again.
They say she wasn’t the first one to experience that. There were other girls in the past who have also experienced that. They say that the girl she saw in the C.R was always their during 10 in the evening but no one really knows her and what had happed to her in the past.
Hey guys what do you think of the story? Is it scary or not? You can leave your comments about it….and if some of you want to share your scary and horrifying experience you could send it to my email address its It would be an honor for me to post it with your name and share it with others. But if you don’t want others to know your real name you could give me your code name. Thanks GOD BLESS!!!! And if you ask me about the story damn I had to sleep while the lights are on and I have to cover my mirror….hehehehe sounds stupid right but I got really scared.


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