When I was a kid the things that mostly piqued my interest are the things which involves ghost hunting and talking to spirits. And I really love to watch horror movies but because of this interest my imagination would run wild when I get to be alone in our house or even at night when all the lights are out. So until today I have to sleep while the lights are on so I could see the whole room it sounds funny but it’s true.

One of the most interesting things that ghost hunters do is talking to spirits and I really wish I could do that. When I was fooling around at the internet café visiting websites and leaving stupid comments I have read and article about the device called “Ouija Board”. It’s a device that is used to talk to spirit so as the article says and I was really happy that I have read that article. And so I have decided to make one and invite some friends for a night of spook at my house but unfortunately no one came because their parents wouldn’t allow them at that time. The next morning after class I went to the internet café and conducted a research about the device but instead I was being lead into a website full of testimonies and confessions about their experience when they were using the “Ouija Board”. And boy did this article I stumbled on scared the hell out of me.

It was exactly 12 midnight when two girls named Lisa and Donna started fooling around with the Ouija Board. They started to chant and muttered some prayers to call on some spirit. They called out for almost two hours but no spirit showed up so they thought that I was a fraud that the device doesn’t really work. Little did they know that one stayed with them but never showed himself. After 3 days the two girls had a big fight. Lisa the youngest stayed in her room that day crying and while she was crying she felt a hand touched her cheeks gently. When she opened her eyes she saw a handsome boy smiling at her. She stood up abruptly and demanded for some explanation. For a moment the boy just kept on smiling then afterwards he told her that he was a ghost and that he came here when he heard her calling. His name was Jack, at first Lisa was a bit shock but after a while she had accepted the fact that the one who comforted her was a ghost. Since that day on Lisa and Jack became good friends and the worst part is the started to like each other better. They were always together wherever Lisa goes Jack was always there but fortunately Lisa was the only one who can see him so she doesn’t have to worry about friends freaking out. One day jack told Lisa that he want her to come with him in their world but Lisa wouldn’t agree and because of that Jack got angry. The next thing he did was possessed Lisa and tried to kill her so she could come with him fortunately Donna came and prevented it. But the scary part was that Jack refuses to leave Lisa’s body. So they asked for help to a spiritual medium. The medium performed a deliverance on Jack’s spirit. Finally when all was well again the medium told them that Jack doesn’t exist in this world anymore. So when they had arrived home the girls immediately dumped the Ouija Board but when they entered the house they had a strange feeling that someone is watching them secretly. but the big question is who could it be?


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  1. Wow...this is really scary, is it a true story?

  1. Souls are true of course it's true.

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